Monday, December 1, 2008

i begin with a small slackware

i don't know if you think about numbers, like the size of drives or other numbers in life, in general. i do for some things. for the other, it doesn't matter. generally i really love things to be efficient, it doesnt mean it has to be fast, but pretty efficient. now the thing i would like to do is to:

- re-use old hardware
- use computers for other things but to check mail

i've been using slackware for about one and a half years now and this is my first linux distribution. i was windows guy before and to switch to linux it was definitely one of the best things i did recently. it really changed my life aleluyah

things to add:

- how to boot from usb drive if your old motherboard is not supporting it?

mkinitrd answers the question. google it, this is what will make things much easier with the old hardware and old usb-sticks.

we don't want garbage? so re-use your old hardware and don't buy new, because you really don't need it still.

read on soon!

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Anonymous said...

Could you explain the chrooted steps?